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We help you relax so you can go within and begin your work. This helps you reflect so you can enjoy your life.

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See the work we do around the world. Be inspired to join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

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Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by giving you free advice or you can join us on a retreat.

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A fiatalság forrása az öt tibeti gyakorlat.  Helyes légzés technika, Ellazulás, Tippek a mindenapi gyakorláshoz.



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Önismereti programok

Mindig van hová fejlődni. Workshopok, előadások, tréningek,
Személyiségfejlesztő programok


Kikapcsolódást, feltöltődést, elmélyülést, fejlődést és új tudást az 5 és 3 napos tábor




Életmód tanácsodás

Give your lifestyle a healthy nutrition boost starting with a healthy foodie holiday. Whether you are looking to detox, kick-start weight loss or improve healthy eating habits, our nutrition friendly retreats will help you reach your goals with personalised diet plans customised to your individual needs. Choose from juice detox, alkaline, raw, macrobiotic or an Ayurvedic diet, and you will soon discover the benefits of healthy living. After a relaxing break indulging in delicious and nutritious foods, you will return home having learnt how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the nutrition workshops and healthy cooking classes available.


Healthy Breaks

A healthy break can be the perfect opportunity to get away and concentrate on your fitness and well-being. Our luxury Healthy Breaks are designed to give you the chance to revitalise your body and mind with relaxing spa treatments and holistic therapies. Sometimes all you need is a few days away to unwind, and our handpicked destinations offer everything you need to improve your health. From Cyprus’s inviting beaches to Austria’s stunning mountain ranges, you can personalise your healthy break to match your own wellness goals.

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Spirituális & Holistic Health Retreats

Heal and revive your well-being with our worldwide collection of spiritual and holistic health retreats, from ayurvedic luxury spa breaks in Bali, to Meditation retreats in India and rejuvenating healing holidays in Italy perfect for single travellers or couples. Begin your journey with professional medical, fitness and psychological consultations where wellness experts will tailor your stay to restore balance and revive your energy. Focus your healthy holiday on healing your mind, body and soul with specialist Ayurvedic spa treatments and holistic therapies like Reiki, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Complement with a variety of health and fitness classes such as yoga to heal your body, and mediation to sooth your spirit.